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Camel Milking Systems

Camel Milking Systems

We have been developing and manufacturing camel milking equipment for over 15 years.

Camel milk is more nutritious than cow’s milk, with healing properties increasingly verified by modern testing and trials.

The high levels of insulin in camel’s milk and its antibodies, which are simpler in structure than human milk antibodies, enable it to penetrate deeper into the human tissue and cells, which means that the milk could be a major weapon against many human illnesses.


There are two types of camel milking systems:

Traditional milking

  • Easier for animals to get used to
  • As the calves are near, milk flow starts without any „help”
  • Cheaper, as no automatic machines are required
  • Max. 100 – 200 animals
  • Impossible to use in big farms as milking speed is slow
  • Amount of manual work needed is high (more people)



  • Extremely hygienic due to automatic systems
  • High production
  • Possibility to establish MegaFarms (4-5000 and up)
  • Time needed to accustom animals